Friday, March 16, 2012

The Nugget Barrier

"Hi, Sammy! How was school today?"


"Remember, don't touch the babies until I give you a wipe for your hands."


"Uh-oh, I can't find a wipe. I think I'm out. Sorry, Sam. Can you wait until we get home?"


"Sam, would you like to get some chicken nuggets? I'm hungry."


"Are you feeling okay? I don't think I've ever heard you turn down nuggets."


"Mommy, are we going home?"

"No, I have to stop at the bank to get some cash first."

"But mommy, I want to go home. Mommy, I really want to. I want to go home, I want to go home, waaa waaa waaa."

"Sorry I didn't tell you ahead of time that I needed to go to the bank. Usually I try to let you know what my plans are if I'm going to drag you along, but I really do have to get cash today, and it will just take an extra five minutes. C'mon, usually you like going to the bank, right?"

"Mommy, we can get something at 7-11."

"I know we got something sweet there once, but we can't do that today. If we're going to get something to eat it has to be a drive-through because I don't want to have to take Zoe and Leo out of the car. Sure you don't want to go to McDonald's or something?"


"Sammy, I'm really pretty hungry. You know, if you don't want chicken nuggets, we can go to Chick-Fil-A and you can get that yogurt thing. Do you want that instead?"

"Well, okay. But mommy, will they have wipes there?"

"No, they don't have...oh wait...oh! Sammy, is that why you wanted to go straight home - because you wanted to wash your hands so you could start playing with the babies?"


Leo and Zoe have crossed the chicken nugget barrier on Sam's hierarchy of values.


  1. fine detective work, too!

  2. That's a *huge* milestone! :) And a hilarious story.