Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MTHFR Update

I had to go to the fertility clinic this morning for another blood test so I asked the nurse my questions mentioned in the last post.  It looks like my MTHFR issue is not likely to have caused the skeletal dysplasia in my first pregnancy, nor the trisomy 16 in the the third.  Since the problem with the fourth pregnancy was indeterminate, my mutation may or may not have been a factor.  The fact that my homocysteine levels are normal is a very good thing and I probably don't need any further tests, although the nurse said she'd have the doctor call me on that one.

I'm starting to fall back to my earlier position that we've probably just had a run of bad luck with this baby-making business.

The funniest thing I found out from the nurse is that, amongst labor and delivery nurses, mutations of the MTHFR gene like mine are called, "the motherfucker gene."  MTHFR actually stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, but I like the oh-so-appropriate nickname much better!


  1. entirely appropriate nickname! wishing you well!!

  2. I'm also wishing you well! What a name for that gene!