Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Kiss

So what did you do at school today?
I did a piece of work before I had snack.
Yes. And I had snack with R.
Oh, that's nice. What did you talk to R. about?
Oh no. I didn't have snack with R. today, I had snack with A.
Oh, I see. So what did you talk about with A.?
He asked me to marry him.
Yes. He asked me to marry him so that we could kiss someday and he asked me to kiss him and I did.
You kissed him today, at school?
Was that the first time you kissed a little boy?
Oh, really?
No. A. is not a little boy. We're getting married.


  1. There is no such thing as a little boy. There are babies and there are big boys. There is nothing in between.

  2. That could be sweet, or is, but without context and having been born in Happy Valley, I am a little concerned. . .is A. a little boy? This would make a great first page of a novel, Adam/Adam's wife!