Tuesday, April 12, 2011

16 Weeks

Tomorrow will mark 16 weeks of pregnancy. Yay!

There's not too much new going on. I've moved from a wardrobe of 60% maternity clothes to 90% maternity clothes. I'm not bringing anything but maternity clothes to Italy. I did manage to find enough to pack on Saturday while still leaving me things to wear for these last few days at home.

I'm starting to think I feel movement from the Things. It usually happens when I first lie down, and it's so quick that I hardly register it before it is gone. It's exciting, but I'm not quite sure it's the real thing yet. If it is, I should be sure in the next week or so.

Somehow, buying that stroller has made me paranoid that everything is going to go wrong. I bought it so early because a good deal came my way (thank you, Craigslist!) and now I suppose I feel like I'm tempting fate. I mean, I'm not thinking that, but my subconscious seems to be putting it in my head repeatedly. I'm paranoid about everything again. I check for blood each time I use the bathroom. Every pain in my abdomen scares the crap out of me. I don't like having to bend over and squish my belly for fear of squishing the babies. Hopefully it's just a phase and I'll feel confident again soon. And hopefully I won't go through another bout of it when we buy the minivan!

Italy is the big thing on my mind. We leave tomorrow. First Rome, then two days exploring Umbria and Tuscany by car, then Florence. I'm not sure what kind of internet access I'll have, or what kind of time, so it might be a while before I write again. I hope to at least jot down a few thoughts each night about what we've seen and done, and if I can't post them as I go, I'll post them when we return. I hope we'll manage to take a lot of photos.

I am so excited! This is definitely the biggest trip of my life. I think I've done just enough planning. There are some things we have to do on certain days, and I have some ideas about all the other sights we want to see, but I've left a lot of it open. There is only one day that we might not get a nap - the day we go to the Vatican. Otherwise, I've planned things either for morning or afternoon, but not both, and not anything that carries through both. Staying disciplined about getting our naps will probably be the hardest thing to do, but it will also be one of the most important. Sam however, has made it clear that the most important thing to her is to eat gelato every single day.



  1. I feel that way in spades - the scared way. Last pregnancy, I was scared of a miscarriage and was relived at the ten week mark, getting past the time of a miscarriage I had. This time it's worse. I will need to get past the twenty week mark, past the amnio. I wonder whether the baby is already malformed and I won't find out for months. What if I am doing something wrong? Did I start taking prenatal vitamins soon enough? I have never been the paranoid type when it comes to pregnancy. My doctor says, "Live as normal a life as you can," and I've always taken his advice. Not this time... It's my last try, win lose or draw. It's my last chance... I just want to hold a baby to my breast again. Is that too much to ask?