Wednesday, March 30, 2011

14 Weeks

I was hoping to have a photo of my growing belly for you this week, but I just didn't get around to it. Hopefully I'll remember to have Adam take one tonight.

Remembering. What a challenge! That seems to be my main pregnancy symptom right now - remembering simple things like words or important events. I'll tell you, it's a lot better than nausea or fatigue. I can actually find a lot of humor in it.

My ob visit last week was awesome! I went alone. I wasn't nervous. Well, only a little bit. Since he is a high-risk obstetrician, my doctor has a 4D ultrasound machine that he uses routinely, so I got to see my little Things moving around in three dimensions! They're still pretty small and they were very active, so they mostly just looked lumpy. I couldn't really see their faces, but that's probably a good thing, since they still look more like aliens than humans at this point. Still, it was exciting!

I gained eight pounds in the past month. Finally! I'm not sure how I did it because I don't feel like I'm eating all that much. I still have to force myself to eat. I don't seem to be receiving the hunger signals from my body. Most food is not appetizing until I put it in my mouth, and that's when I finally realize that I was indeed hungry. But I worked really hard at habitualizing eating, and apparently, it's working. I really hope this changes. I miss the wonderful hunger of pregnancy.

Now, I am officially done with the first trimester. The Things are each about the size of my fist, and weigh about an ounce. Sure, they still look a bit alien, but at least the tails are gone, and the ears are now on their heads instead of their necks, and their eyes have moved from the sides of the head towards the front. Good stuff like that. I'm enjoying reading about their development each week. That part never gets old.

Adam and I seem to both be moving towards hoping for a boy and a girl. This might be because we stumbled upon names for a boy and girl. I have no idea what we were talking about, but we were just chatting in the car the other day, and somehow we blurted out these two names. I'm not going to tell you what they are, because we might not end up with a boy/girl set, and because we might change our minds. But still, now that we have these names hovering in our consciousness, it's hard not to hope that it will work out that way.

I'm still catching up from all the time I spent lying in bed, so it's hard to keep blogging. There is a ton of stuff I would love to write about, but I just can't take the time. Right now I have to stop and go take a shower. I'm down to showering every other day, and I missed yesterday, and I only have a half hour before I have to pick up Sam, and I really stink. That's another pregnancy symptom - you get really stinky. Or is it just that my nose is more sensitive? Either way, I've got to go!


  1. My favorite names right now are Lila and Asa. I too am thinking one of each sex.